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January 8, 2018

An Interview with a Donut

This year your ICFL Award Winners and I decided to take a little trip to Black Tide Sponsor FitDonut’s headquarters. I have a few questions for these guys and bribed them with some free donuts. Who could possibly say no to that?

ICFL MVP Hayden Wright, Offensive MVP Zach Peterson, Defensive MVP Brennyn Dunn, Both OL of the Year in Justin Garcia and Cody Huss, and Athlete Seth Chism.

As I pull up to FitDonut, late as usual. I see the guys waiting outside. Cody Huss towers over all of them at 6’5″. Zach and Seth are comparing biceps while Brennyn holds the door open for a couple ladies leaving with their donuts. Naturally, Hayden is saving a kitten from a tree.

Garcia: How the heck does this door open?

ICFL Enthusiast: It’s a pull door Justin. You can’t push it open.

*finding some seats, yes we’ve started the interview. Catch up already.

ICFL Enthusiast: Ay Colt, can we get some service around here? What’s most popular?

Colt: Probably Coconut Cluster, Peanut Butter Cup, and Strawberry Cheesecake. We have a new one that is PBJ. Can’t go wrong with Chocolate Cookie Dough though.

ICFL Enthusiast: Dear lord, that all sounds amazing. And you’re saying we can fit this all into our diet right? Looks like Seth here hasn’t had a carb since ’94.

Colt: Yeah, everyday is a cheat day. They’re all loaded with protein, and super low in sugar.

ICFL Enthusiast: Alright, you convinced me. Sampler platter please! I’ll have 3 of each. What do you guys want? You guys have those Bang drinks too right? I love those.

Colt: I got you guys, a round for everyone. The Cherry Lemonade and the Guava Pear are the best ones.

ICFL Enthusiast: Alright, let’s continue then. Let’s just go around, I’ll ask ya a few questions. If you don’t want to answer, feel free to plead the 5th.

ICFL Enthusiast: What year was your guys first year playing football? What teams have you played for? What’s the timeline of your playing history?

Wright: First year playing was for Challis Junior High in 7th grade before moving to Nampa before 8th grade playing for West Middle School. Then Nampa High in 2007 and graduating in 2011. After which playing for the Spartans in the ICFL 2011-2013 before finally have a GPA good enough to play college ball at Montana Western in 2014. Because of marital complications I moved back to Nampa returning to the ICFL with The Tribe for the 2015-2016 seasons. Then having some CFL opportunities with tryouts I began to pursue the professional game ending up in Detroit playing in the RPFL for the 2017 season. For 2018 I returned to the Tribe here at home.

Peterson: 2016 with the Matadors, 2017 Trojans, and 2018 Black Tide.

Dunn: I’ve been playing football since 5th grade, and I played in a bunch of the little leagues in Southeastern Idaho and Utah. Then high school freshman year I started both ways as TE and DE. Sophomore year I started varsity both ways and long snapped, was captain Jr and Sr, year then went to BSU from 2012 to 2015. Then played 4 games and playoffs last year with the Oilers, plus this year.

Garcia: Played Pop Warner in California for the Huntington Beach Dolphins. Went to Kuna high school and played for the Kavemen. Graduated in 2007. Played for the University of Montana Western Bulldogs until 2012. Matadors in 2013, and then the Tribe 2014-current.

Huss: I starting playing football my Junior year in high school. The next year I got invited to the Shriners All-Star Game (Oregon). After the All-Star game I played at Mendocino Community College where I started the last 9 games at Right Guard. This is my third season in the ICFL, I started with the Wildcats two years ago, and have been with the Black Tide for the last 2 seasons.

Chism: I wasn’t allowed to play football until 6th grade. Started on an 0-9 youth team with 2 future pro football players (coach had no idea what he was doing) and ended high school on a dominant 16-0 team. Started with the Outlaws in the ICFL back in 2012 and been with the Black Tide since 2014.

ICFL Enthusiast: You went and played in another league last year. Where was it again? What was that like?

Wright: I played in the northern division of the Rivals Professional Football League in Detroit. The talent level that was there was great to compete against, with a few former NFL players along with a lot of guys who played at the D1 level in college. But unfortunately the league itself wasn’t all it promised.

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, you didn’t play in high school? Why didn’t you play organized football as a kid?

Peterson: I was really small growing up and once I got to high school basketball became the priority and I was only  130lbs so football wasn’t really in the cards.

ICFL Enthusiast: But You played basketball in college, though right? Where at? What position did you play? How do you feel that has helped your game?

Peterson: Played college basketball at College of Southern Idaho from 2009-2010, North Idaho College 2010-2011, and College of Idaho 2011-2014. I played PG in junior college and when I transitioned to College of Idaho I played more of a wing/point. On defense however, I guarded PF’s a lot. It helped my game just learning how to track the ball in the air. Every pass is like a rebound to me.

ICFL Enthusiast: I could have sworn I heard you played center… hmm, moving on.

ICFL Enthusiast: Dunn, You played at Boise State right? What position did you play?

Dunn: I did play at Boise State. I played TE and FB

ICFL Enthusiast: Who else was recruiting you out of high school? What drew you to Boise State?

Dunn: I got recruited by most of the schools in the Mountain West and a bunch of Jr colleges. All the Idaho Colleges, University of Utah, Montana Southern, Virginia, and a bunch of others. I was also getting recruited for track and basketball, but most the schools were recruiting me for DE. Boise and Utah State were the only ones that wanted me as a TE. What drew me to Boise is the people, and also my sister played volley ball at BSU, and had heart issues so I wanted to play for her and me. When I went on my visit I knew that BSU was where I was meant to be!

ICFL Enthusiast: And Seth, you played football at Katy High in Texas. What was that program like? How many State Titles did you win? Who’s the most famous guy you’ve ever played with?

Chism: Katy is a hard one to fully explain. In short it is absolutely one of the premier programs in the nation and I was blessed to be in such an amazing football atmosphere. I only won the 1 my senior year, we also won it the year before I was in high school and then again the year after I graduated. Most famous that I played with would be Andy Dalton. 2 years ahead of me and not even the best player from that class but of the teammates I’ve had he has the biggest name and accomplished the most since high school. Too long of a list to name guys I played against.

ICFL Enthusiast: What happened to your State Title ring?

Chism: ….

ICFL Enthusiast: Ok, another time.

ICFL Enthusiast: Of the teams you’ve played for, which were the coolest looking uniforms? Which ones had the best fit? Which team’s uniforms were you not really a fan of?

Wright: I like the Tribes new blacks the most with fit and style. I’m a big Florida State fan so I love the uniform.

Peterson: Best looking is Black Tide grey tops, black pants. Best fit is Black Tide white jersey, black pants. TERRIBLE, Dors any of them.

Dunn: I don’t really care about uniforms, but if I had to choose my fav was Boise State all black and chrome. Worst would be Oiler candy corn uni from last year, but I honestly don’t care about unis. I just care about playing the game I love!

Garcia: In college we had an all red uniform that was the best uniform by far. Tight fit and bright red. Tribes white jerseys are my least favorite. They are thick and heavy.

Huss: I would have to say that I really enjoy the color concepts of the Black Tide, we have a lot of different uniform schemes. If I could change anything it would be we could have our names on the back of the jerseys. I was not a fan of the Wildcat colors, never been a big fan of the red uniforms.

Chism: I mean Katy of course, being sponsored by Nike you don’t get any better than that. But if we’re talkin ICFL I’d go with the white jerseys and black pants the Black Tide rock right now.

ICFL Enthusiast: Everything considered, which was your favorite team you’ve been a part of? Why?

Wright: I’ve had the opportunity to win four championships in the ICFL. Two with the Spartans and two with the Tribe. My favorite team experience was my first year in the ICFL with the Spartans because my dad was still playing for them at the time and playing next to him winning a championship was absolutely special. Not an experience that many get to share.

Peterson: Matadors was a fun year because it was my first year playing. However, this year with the Black Tide has been my favorite. There is a great group of core people and the management is great. Things are communicated and organized.

Dunn: I can’t just pick one favorite team cause every single one of them have been so different, and I loved being on every single team and the relationships I’ve built are irreplaceable.

Garcia: Every team had a different uniqueness from them. The brotherhoods I have built throughout the years are priceless. I couldn’t pick just one. Most fun is Tribe ball though.

Huss: I would say it would have been last year’s Black Tide team. Last year we completed the best Win to Loss ratio that the Black Tide has ever had. I really enjoy the Black Tide because everything we achieve is earned.

Chism: I dunno man…

ICFL Enthusiast: Which was your least favorite?

Peterson: Last year on the Trojans. There were too many people with power. People should have stepped back and let Jenkins and Bourner lead. Also, I had some sort of disconnect with one of the guys.

Garcia: Least favorite was when I was playing Pop Warner football. I wasn’t very good and I was a big kid so I had to play with kids 2 years older than me. And I still had to worry and cut weight before every game. No 9 year old kid should have to cut 10 lbs before a game to play with 12 year olds. It was a stressful time in my football life worrying about finding where I fit in.

Huss: My least favorite team would be when I played at Mendocino. It was a very superficial team and everyone played as an individual.

Chism: I hate these questions. I thought they’d be more generic, this sh*t gets personal.

ICFL Enthusiast: You guys have had a lot of different coaches. Which do you feel got the most out of you? Which one did you get along with best? Which one was your overall favorite?

Wright: I have to give a lot of credit to my dad for the hours spent in the back yard throwing or joining his coaching meetings watching film, learning the game. But the ICFL hall of fame quarterback Erik Johnson has been my quarterback coach since freshman year of high school. I continually go to him for advice, drills and anything quarterback related. He’s my favorite coach I’ve ever had because of the friendship we’ve continued to share over the years.

Peterson: That’s tough! Every coach has been awesome towards me. We didn’t have a coach at all on the Trojans though. Ernesto Garza, James Felhaber, Jeff Gunn, Rob Castleman. However, when I was with the Dors I think we were trying to figure out how to use me since I was lost out there. With the Black Tide I think Jeff and Rob have clear ideas how they want to implement me into games to maximize our team’s potential.

Garcia: Coach Rich Farris in college got a lot out of me, more than I ever thought I was capable of. He just didn’t do it in a way of building confidence. What I did learn from those times is my body can go way further than my mind if I just keep pushing. My favorite coach had to be coach Ryan Norris. He came in my senior year and moved me to offensive guard, which was really hard seeing as how I have been a defensive player my entire career. He pushed me out of my comfort zone for the betterment of the team. It taught me to be a selfless player, although I only had him for a year, I am grateful for the knowledge I learned under him. And he showed me OLine isn’t half bad.

Huss: I would have to say they were my high school coaches. Coach Hargett (Head Coach) and Coach Moore (Offensive Line) had a huge impact on me because they taught me the importance of responsibility and holding yourself accountable for the team.

ICFL Enthusiast: Dunn, who recruited you to the ICFL? What made you want to come out and play?

Dunn: I started playing when a former college teammate Devon Demas called me when I was driving out of town to visit family. He called asked if I wanted to come play football and I thought he was talking about like a city flag football league. Then talked to him all weekend, found out it wasn’t and first game was against the Bulldawgs at their place. I went to the game with Pat Carter and the original plan was for me to play TE, but during pregame they started me at DE. I wore Snowballs pads cause he was injured and the number 99 Jersey that Mike had left over, and the rest is history. I never thought I’d play full contact football again, but thanks to this league I’m able to.

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, which playbook did you enjoy the most? Which one best fit your skill set?

Peterson: Black Tide playbook. Moves me around the field, gets me in the run blocking, motions and gets me in favorable matchups. Also, it’s the least confusing, haha.

ICFL Enthusiast: Garcia, you play both ways. Which do you like better, offense or defense? Why?

Garcia: I’m definitely a defensive player at heart. But OLine gives you an opportunity to leave your heart out on that field. With that being said, to me there is no better feeling than making a big stop on defense!

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, you’ve also played with a lot of great receivers around the league. Between Cal and Hall, I’m sure they’ve taught you a lot. What’s something one of them taught you that sticks out?

Peterson: Cal and Hall are both extremely talented. However, Mitch Bourner really helped me my first year as well as Kayden Votroubek. I really came into the league with no idea how to be a receiver. So both of them helped a lot.

ICFL Enthusiast: Hayden, you’ve played with a lot of great receivers around the league. Csencsits, Leo, Hadley, Ira, McClure, Abe. Who was the fastest? Who had the best hands?

Wright: Speed wise Abe and Leo I feel would be a good race to watch. Hands though is tough one though. They have all made incredible catches over the years.

ICFL Enthusiast: 4th Quarter, game on the line, which one are you counting on to make a play for you?

Wright: I have total confidence in all my receivers but the one that always seems to make the biggest play in crucial situations would be Mike Csencsits. He’s a fearless competitor.

ICFL Enthusiast: What are they like as teammates?

Wright: All of them are great teammates. Part of which makes this team so fun to play for. They play very unselfishly with the best interest for the team. Each one of them have different strengths that actually compliment each other giving us balance playing off of their strengths.

ICFL Enthusiast: Seth, you’ve played with some great receivers around the league too. Searle, Tee, Abe, Ross, Peterson. Who was the fastest? Who had the best hands?

Chism: The fastest was definitely Abe. Since I’ve been in the league Shane this year is the only other guy with that level of speed. Everyone else has been a notch below at best. The best hands I’d either go Searle or Tee.

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, You’ve had some great QB’s slingin’ the rock your way. Bourner, Voutrabek, Verwey, Knigge. Which one did you get along with best?

Peterson: Bourner and I got along the best but that’s because we were friends prior to football. Votroubek and I got along great no problems there, he’s a good kid. Verwey and I didn’t get along really and he never seemed to like the idea of throwing me the ball.

ICFL Enthusiast: Which one has the strongest arm? Which one was the best runner? Which one was the best teammate?

Peterson: Bourner had the strongest arm. The best runner is Colt. Knigge, Bourner and Votroubek are all great guys and awesome teammates.

ICFL Enthusiast: You’ve also battled a ton of good corners, which guy was the best?

Peterson: Jaime Smith hits hard, fast, physical. Emilio Winn has size and speed. Jackio is quick as hell and good ball skills. DC Campbell is the smartest corner and great coverage. Cam Compton is mighty mouse, may be small but plays 2x his size!

ICFL Enthusiast: Garcia, I’m sure the ones not picked will disagree, but who is the Tribes fastest player?

Garcia: To me, it’s Leo Garcia. I have seen him make fast guys look like they’re running in mud.

ICFL Enthusist: Cody, who is the Tide’s fastest player?

Huss: In my opinion probably Seth. The guy is a freak.

ICFL Enthusiast: Dunn, You’ve played with a lot of great defensive players in the ICFL. Besides yourself, which one means the most to the Oilers defense? Who’s the hardest hitter?

Dunn: To me there isn’t just one person. We all complement each other. We have an aggressive but smart DLine that understand their position but play with that chip on their shoulder. Our line backers fill, come down hill, and lead like they are supposed to. Our DB’s are ball hawks that aren’t afraid to stick their nose in someone’s numbers and have great vision. But most of all we all play together and won’t back down.

ICFL Enthusiast: You’re obviously tough to bring down, Who in the ICFL have you gone against that is the best rusher? And who’s the hardest hitter?

Wright: That’s a tough one but I have to go way back in the ICFL days. A kid named Dustin that played for the Warriors always gave us fits up front and forced us to gameplan for him. Hardest hitter is tough one but playing against Mike Csencsits isn’t fun. There were a few times running the ball he would come up and bring the hammer down.

ICFL Enthusiast: Seth, you’re elusive, maybe best in the league. Who in the ICFL have you gone against that is the best tackler? And who’s the hardest hitter?

Chism: I’ll have to go with an old teammate for best tackler. Will Lankford stood out the few times we went live and scrimmaged as a team. Most players, even if they are good tacklers, maybe get in position too slow or they have a tell for how they’re attacking you. He was always meeting me in the hole or closing on me in space before I could do anything more than avoid the big hit. Cash has never even attempted a tackle on me so I don’t know first hand what he’s like. Can’t ever remember which one is which but one of the Moreno brothers also stood out. Usually played in the middle, I think wore #10. Just fundamentally sound. From dissecting the play, getting to where he needed to be and then form tackling there weren’t too many individual wins against a player like that.

ICFL Enthusiast: What about the big guys up front? Which lineman is the best you’ve ever played with? Who was your favorite of all time?

Wright: I’ve been very blessed with the OL’s I’ve been able to play behind in this league so it’s hard to say which one is my favorite. But this group definitely has the most personality and it’s fun to watch the way they communicate and work as a unit.

Peterson: Cody Huss and Josh Bravo are absolute monsters! However, Hayden Hancuff was an awesome center. My favorite would have to be Alex Reed at center though, because he was so out of position, but still did the job. Ha.

Garcia: Justin Cossy, he was my left tackle in college. The guy was a bit undersized but was smart as they come. What separated him was he was tough as nails.

Huss: It would have to be my right guard in high school Preston Dye. He only weighed 170lbs and was often outweighed by over 100lbs. What made him so good is he was very mentally and technically disciplined. He always maintained discipline which allowed him to beat guys much bigger than he was, that made me respect him a lot.

Chism: That’s tough without really doing some film work but I can name a few of the better ones in Justin Luttmer and Cody Huss. Good technique, good motor and smart. Bravo at center this year can really maul people at times. I don’t think I’ve had a linemen give as much effort as Antonio Osos from a few years back nearly play in and play out.

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, you’ve played with some of the greatest running backs in ICFL history too. Shrier, Chism, Jenkins. You have the #1 pick in an ICFL draft, and you have to go running back. Which one do you take first?

Peterson: That’s tough. Seth isn’t a back. He’s a freak. I would go with DJ because he averages over 10 yards a carry which is just insane.

ICFL Enthusiast: Most people know the differences in their play style. What are they like as teammates? How do they differ? Who is the better leader? What about their work ethic? How do these guys prepare for a game?

Peterson: All of them are incredible teammates. Seth and DJ have incredible football IQ though. Seth and Shrier lead by example and excellence. However, DJ leads motivationally as well as by example. Work ethic has to be DJ because I’ve seen how he prepares for a season and for him to average that many yards behind a terrible line outside of Hancuff is crazy. They all prepare their own ways. Mentally seems like Seth is the most checked in. Shrier fires himself up though, no doubt about it. DJ is always ready to go no matter the game, hurt or not.

ICFL Enthusiast: Garcia, you’ve played with some of the greatest players in ICFL history. Hayden, Mapu, Csencsits, Abe. You have the #1 pick in an ICFL draft, and you have to pick one of them. Which one do you take first?

Garcia: I take Hayden Wright. Simply because he plays the most important position on the field, and is a great leader and friend. Also, his dad. He brings a sense of level head and stability to our sidelines.

ICFL Enthusiast: What are they like as teammates? How do they prepare for a game?

Garcia: Everyone on the Tribe is real loose before games joking and laughing. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

ICFL Enthusiast: Cody, you’ve played with some ok players in ICFL history too. Colt, Seth, Peterson, Heller, Bluford, Tee. You have the #1 pick in an ICFL draft, and you have to pick one of them. Which one do you take first?

Huss: It’s gonna have to be Colt. He’s so reliable, consistent and you’re gonna want a guy like that when he touches the ball every play.

ICFL Enthusiast: How does he prepare himself?

Huss: I’m an adult with a busy life, I don’t see a lot of rituals. My teammates have great work ethic. Work beats talent every time, and that contributes to our success.

ICFL Enthusiast: Speaking of that, who have you guys played with that had the wildest pregame ritual? And what was it?

Peterson: I had teammates in JC that would drink and smoke before games. In this league I haven’t seen anything too intense. Lots of fellas smoke, but I ain’t snitching. Lol

Garcia: I played college ball with this guy who would head butt his helmet before games, one time till he bled.

Huss: When I played in Mendocino one of our corners would rub Icy Hot all over his groin.

ICFL Enthusiast: Do you have any pregame rituals of your own?

Wright: I usually do a pregame prayer on my own before stepping on the field.

Peterson: My pregame is similar to that in college. Ice bath in the morning cause I’m old, and 2 peanut butter sandwiches before the game.

Dunn: My pregame ritual is wake up, go to the gym, hit the elliptical, stretch, do some upper body, and hot tub, then eat good meal. I’m the silent type before the game, don’t say a ton. just get mentally ready. Pray, then play like it’s my last time so I don’t have regrets.

Garcia: I eat the same meal, eggs and peanut butter toast. Take a warm bath, get some fresh air, and listen to reggae before games. I can’t have my heart rate too high before I play because I will burn myself out if I get too excited before first whistle. Maybe that would be different if I played only one way. Some guys like to listen to heavy music and get all pumped up, I’d rather relax and focus.

Huss: Just eat a big breakfast and get my mind in the right place.

Chism: No, not really. There’s a bit of a routine but it doesn’t need to be the same. Just getting properly stretched and warmed up. If you’re not sweating then you’re not ready to go.

ICFL Enthusiast: Dunn, in just one season in the ICFL, you racked up almost 15 Sacks. Who is the best blocker you’ve faced in the ICFL?

Dunn: There are a few players that were great match ups, but my personal shout out goes to Huss.

ICFL Enthusiast: Justin, You’ve also battled a ton of good Offensive Linemen in the ICFL, which guy was the best?

Garcia: Tyrone Tutogi when he was with the Wildcats. He is so underrated, so strong up top, and so patient in his pass set.

ICFL Enthusiast: On offense, you’ve battled the best Defensive Linemen too. Who was the toughest to block?

Garcia: Brennyn Dunn was the toughest guy to block. I did it in last years championship game. He just forces you to block till the whistle every play and has a motor.

ICFL Enthusiast: How about you Huss? Who’s the toughest to block?

Huss: Every defensive lineman brings a different element. Cole (Trojans) brings good speed and technique, Dunn (Oilers) brings good strength and good hands. As far as this year goes I would have to say Dunn is the best.

ICFL Enthusiast: Here’s the big one, who is your overall favorite teammate ever? Why?

Wright: Going back to the Spartan days here but that would be Pat McIntyre. We never had to talk much on the field but we always seemed to be on the same page somehow. Always having each other’s back if one of us messed up.

Peterson: Alex Reed. He’s an incredible teammate and great friend. He was a monster on the field and I loved his shit talking. Haha.

Dunn: I also can’t pick favorite teammates, although playing with Armand Nance and SWR and Rondell again is awesome. These guys I’ve played with for a long time and have lots of memories with, so it’s great to continue that and still be connected through the game that brought us together. They are life time brothers.

Garcia: This is a hard question. My answer would have to be Ira Liburd. He changes the way a team plays. His effort and heart he plays with is contagious. He is a true team guy, whatever the team needs he does, and does at a high level. He is too stubborn to not succeed and that radiates through the sideline.

Huss: It’s gonna have to be Colt again. He’s a very selfless player and plays for all of us.

Chism: Pass…

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, This year you broke a plethora of ICFL receiving records. What does that mean to you?

Peterson: It’s cool to break records in anything you do. Honestly, I just try to do better than the last time I got out there on the field. Keeps it simple that way. I’m grateful I get to play this game and am still learning a ton!

ICFL Enthusiast: What set you apart this season from past years?

Peterson: Well last year I wasn’t a part of the game plan at all. This season I really feel like I was better prepared because we practice and I actually got some coaching.

ICFL Enthusiast: Justin, you’ve won 4 titles with the Tribe, shooting for a 5th. Which one means the most to you? Which one was the toughest to earn?

Garcia: Last years means the most because it was the toughest to earn. We returned like 6 starters from the previous championships. It was ugly, we lost some games, everyone wrote us off, but be kept together as a team and battled through adversity. To bring home the trophy we weren’t supposed to win.

ICFL Enthusiast: Cody, you’ve now won 3 straight OL of the Year Awards. What does that mean to you?

Huss: It means I need to be looking for number 4.

ICFL Enthusiast: In your years of playing, what has been your biggest accomplishment? Any regrets?

Peterson: Biggest accomplishment would probably be getting to play this game! Breaking my own personal records is great too because I am my toughest critic. No regrets at all.

Dunn: Biggest accomplishment is the college program I played for and being a part and contributing to a Fiesta Bowl Champ in 2014.

Garcia: In all my years of playing my biggest accomplishment has been what I have had to do so I can still play the game I love. Having a kid at 19, I still worked and played ball and finished college. Now with 3 little girls and a wife, I’m just blessed to still be able to do the thing I love with the support of them.

Huss: My biggest accomplishment would be winning VALCO Offensive linemen of the year my Senior year in high school, considering I was on JV my Junior year. I made very significant improvements during the off season and my coaches tell me they still tell stories about my offseason improvement.

ICFL Enthusiast: Seth?

Chism: Hang on, I’m getting another donut!

ICFL Enthusiast: Is there any current ICFL player you’ve never had as a teammate that you wish you had? If you could play with anyone who would you like to play with?

Peterson: It would be fun to put Pat Carter on one side, me on the other, and SWR and Chism in the slots. Lol. Nightmare City!

Garcia: Gerriuh Nay.

Huss: No. I only think about our guys and how we can make them the best they can be.

ICFL Enthusiast: If you could meet, and hangout with any football player, dead or alive, who would it be?

Wright: Peyton Manning I just want to know how he saw things on the field and understand how he sees the game.

Peterson: Randy Moss.

Dunn: It would be Ray Lewis or Tom Brady, one for defense and offense. There are obviously a lot of others, but I’d love to pick these guys brains.

Garcia: Brett Favre. We would kick back and have a good time.

Huss: There isn’t one that I would particularly want to meet.

Chism: Jim Thorpe.

ICFL Enthusiast: How many more years do you see yourself playing ball in the ICFL?

Dunn: I’ll play in this league until I’m done.

Garcia: As long as I’m having fun and my body can hold on, I’m gonna want to play ball.

Huss: It’s hard to say. I would like to play several more years at least, but we all know any game could be our last.

ICFL Enthusiast: Besides your own team, who has the best shot at the title this season? Why?

Peterson: Oilers, because they have a talented group.

Dunn: The Tribe, just cause their playoff side has been easier, and they can rest guys if they want.

Garcia: Oilers because they have the best athletes in the league.

Huss: The Oilers. When they are firing on all cylinders they are a very entertaining team to watch.

Chism: Tribe. Both sides of the ball they’re going to win the battle in the trenches and usually dominate. That and once again they have the most well rounded team.

ICFL Enthusiast: Zach, You’re about to add a new member to your family. Do you know if it’s a boy or girl? Have you picked out a name?

Peterson: BOY!!! Super excited. 1st kid for my wife and I. Beckham Nash Peterson. Expected in July!

ICFL Enthusiast: That’s awesome man. We’re excited for you too. So, which FitDonut is your favorite? If you could create your own flavor of FitDonut, what would it be?

Peterson: Peanut Butter Cup is my favorite, it’s great. I would do a Maple donut with sprinkles. Boom!

Dunn: I have no clue what I’d create, but I’d name it the Gridiron Donut.

Garcia: My wife and I love the Cheesecake one. Non GMO Organic Option.

Huss: I like em all. This new PBJ one is pretty interesting.

Chism: I’d probably make a crazy one. Something with sprinkles, and some type of cereal on there. Like Corn Flakes or Fruit Loops or something.

ICFL Enthusiast: Anything else you guys wanna add?

Dunn: I want to thank the league and all those who run it. Mike And Chelsea for having me a part of their family and thank my Brothers of MOB and all those who come support us!

ICFL Enthusiast: Thanks guys, thanks Colt!