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We, the Idaho Contact Football League (ICFL), are made up of athletes who have come together for multiple reasons. But one idea is clear while in pursuit of our individual goals, one common theme resonates: We love the game of American Football. It is the glue holding us all together. In that goal, we create a brotherhood. To develop an 11-man football league based in the Treasure Valley that is competitive, family-oriented, and has a clear and positive image in the community.


The ICFL is in the heart of a community that loves the past-time of football. As a result, hundreds of men and women have come together to build a league that is competitive with strong ties to the community with athletes and administration who represent a positive and forward thinking mission by representing both their respective teams and the ICFL. Our actions and decisions are a direct reflection of our team and league character. • Create and maintain a positive and competitive culture in the ICFL • Put sportsmanship at the forefront of all league interaction, both on an off the field • Maintain strong league membership by supporting member teams to foster even competition and growth


To create a league based in the Treasure Valley that is competitive and respected locally and regionally. This includes sustained membership and potential growth. This also embraces a hierarchy of individuals who provide interaction and input that puts league goals and values as a priority.


Above all else, family is paramount. This is embodied by team, league, and loved ones who have stake in ICFL competition. With family in mind, we should treat all stakeholders as such. Respect, health, positivity, and sportsmanship are held high. Above all else, we desire to have fun. By maintaining these core values in mind, the rest falls together. Family and friends should always feel welcome and comfortable to compete and attend ICFL events. Let us all love our ICFL football family.

Week 3

Game Of The Week

Treasure Valley Trojans vs Idaho Oilers


The 47 Report

Week 4Game of the Week:
Boise Aztecs vs Black Tide

Alas! There is only one game that makes me almost give a care about the ICFL this weekend as my team sips Darjeeling and enjoys the bye week. And the BullDawgs traveling to play the Trojans sure as hell is not it. Neither is the Invaders being sent to the slaughter against the tribe. However the man tied for the league lead in tackles is sure to rack up plenty more as Steven Evans’ defense is assured to be on the field all day and Patrick Simon is sure to possibly increase his league lead in interceptions as well.

But on to the game of the week. The 2-1 Black Tide face off against the 1-2 Aztecs. The Bumblebees come into week 4 sporting only one loss and come in firing on all cylinders after a big road win against the Diggers. During week 3 the two opposing teams shared polar opposite experiences as Colt Knigge and the Tide boyz used every last resource including Brandon Lee stop a surging Digger team that made a huge run in he second half putting up two touchdowns in the 4th quarter only to come up just short in he end and the Tide got their bearings back and made the game winning stop on 4th down.
The Aztecs on the other hand were the perfect sacrifice on the sabbath for Passover on the 7th of April as the Tribe shut them out and delivered a biblical ass whoopin. But that’s not to say the Aztecs don’t have a chance in this game...it’s a very slim chance but if the Aztec Defensive Line can keep their cool against a very u healthy Tide offensive line they have a chance. Number 47 Terry Belcoe Jr. anchors a D Line that as on water ski’s in week 3 against the Tribe hogs and in week 2 and Former MVP Daniel Jenkins cut through the Aztec D like a katana. But still managed to put up a strong performance against the Trojans. But the Aztec Defense benefitted against two teams with week 1 jitters before running into the tribe buzzsaw.

Colt Knigge is completing under 50% of his passes and last week against he Diggers made a couple late read option leads that cost the tide yards behind scrimmage. But Knigge’s ability to keep plays alive with his legs will undoubtedly be the difference in this game. The Aztec Linebacking corp showed and in ability to properly patrol the flats and cover in trips formations along with the corner backs unable to contain possession receivers in cover 3 in 1 on 1 scenarios makes me think The speed and athleticism of the Tide receivers will make this a track meet. I think Mitch Gammon and Jason McAdam will have no problem especially if the Aztecs move to a 3 man front to try and contain the passing game.

If Tyler Shipp can avoid staring his targets down like a deer in the headlights his receivers might get a few more open looks at the ball. On more than one occasion Jaime Escobedo ran a clean seem route past the second level only to immediately be zero’d in on by Tribe safeties. They are good but any safety will move with your eyes. Shipp like Knigge in’s completing just under 50% of his passes and o the Aztecs want a win that has to change as the Tide linebackers are heavily aware that Shipp is among the leagues most hit Quarterbacks this season. (I’m not including teams in the bottom 3) Simon, Stewart and big guy from the Dawgs get shelled more often than the beaches of Normandy. Granted the my Phoenix QBs haven’t faired as well either but that’s here nor there because we’re not playing Black Tide until cinco de mayo and we will have so many tequila shots after that game win or lose that it won’t really matter.
The Aztecs need to refocus and get the ball to Solo Langston on the crossing routes and Shipp needs to engage Jaeson Rogers in the passing game. One the dink and donk west coast passing is established you will draw Karissa AndCash Irish into the box and have a chance with your speed demons to go deep. But they have to catch the ball and Shipp has to facilitate a throw more than likely under pressure. Naseem Eissa is a rookie that needs the ball spoon fed to him he has the speed to make a play but if he isn’t lead away from a clean KTFO shot by Jason Britt it’s on Shipp. This is a game where special teams will mean everything if it stays close. The pressure will be on captain Kirk Harbison this week. He has experienced a myriad of bad snaps this season so far granted Saturdays monsoon was surely to blame but Harbisson the son of kicker himself seems in-phased by all the hype. A regular black out visitor to the Futon in my guest bedroom I can tell you Harbisson is a student of the game and if the line holds and the snap is there and the old is marginally decent, I can attest that the kid can punch one on from 45 yards out. Just haven’t seen one in a game yet.

Black Tide 37
Aztecs 13

Written by John Patrick Thorpe

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